Kombucha Tasting coming up

Dr. McCarthy and Westerly have been cooking up some ideas for Kombucha. Using traditional western herbology and eastern kombucha fermentations we are creating interesting formulas.
Please feel free to come by January 11th from 6pm to 8pm for a kombucha brewing class and a tasting of what we have created.
RSVP as seating is limited.
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Women’s Wellness Exams At Protea

Of all the things you need to get done during the work week, finding time for a wellness exam can easily fall to the bottom of the list.  An annual wellness exam is a crucial part of maintaining health, and here at Protea we want to give you every opportunity to keep yourself healthy.

Starting in September, we will devote one Saturday every month to Women’s Wellness Exams.  

During your one hour appointment, you will receive a comprehensive screening physical examination, breast and pelvic exam (including Pap Smear), and have ample time to discuss any women’s health related questions or concerns you may have, including family planning, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, fertility, menstruation problems, abnormal pap smears, etc. 

Is it time for annual blood work?  We can stream-line your day and complete the blood draw here (no waiting in line at the lab).    

At Protea Medical Center, our doctors and staff strive to make healthy living obtainable and affordable.  The Saturday Wellness clinics are filling up fast, book your appointment today!

Saturday, September 18th
Saturday, October 23rd
Saturday, November 20th
Hours: 10 am - 4 pm

Protea Medical Center
1949 W Ray Rd, Ste 10
(SE corner of Ray/Dobson)

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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Protea Elixir Bar Menu

Here is a few of the new Elixirs we are serving at the Protea Elixir Bar. All Elixirs are served cool with mineral water and a drop or two of stevia.

Mellow Gold
In Chinese medicine, the quality of water means “quietness:” a quality somewhat lacking in our fast paced world. The Mellow Gold tonic is designed specifically for the body’s Kidney function, as it gives grounded energy to those who need it the most. “Kidney function” refers to the quality of gentle reflectiveness combined with the body’s dynamic responsiveness. In the Chinese tradition, the kidneys are referred to as “the mansion of fire and water” and the “root of life.” When kidney function is depleted, energy must be restored and the root of life rejuvenated.
This tonic will gently yet effectively unfold both the yin power of contentedness and quiet as well as the yang qualities of movement, activity, and transformation. It is excellent for those suffering from low back pain, sore legs, and ailments arising from weak physical support. Mentally and psychologically, it helps to reconnect a person with the root of life while also combating malaise, nervousness and anxiety.
This tonic is ideal for fear accompanied by withdrawal or the desire to escape. If you suffer from rootlessness, have difficulty sitting still, struggle with finding contentment in silence, or feel shaky or jumpy in certain situations, Mellow Gold will help restore your   contented quietness. 
On a spiritual level, Mellow Gold is ideal for those who search but never arrive at a place of solid faith. It helps deliver the courage needed to surrender in order to find spiritual peace and tranquility.
The Root of Life
Like Mellow Gold, the Root of Life tonic stimulates kidney essence. This formula restores movement to the body or, in Chinese terminology, the fire within water. The Root of Life restores balance when the body and spirit feel sluggish, inactive, and lifeless. 
The Root of Life gives quickening power to those unable to move forward or even stand up. By propelling root energy, the Root of Life contributes to vitality, vigor and movement. This potent formula brings out Yang qualities of invigoration and animation necessary to break through restriction and immobility. 
Problems arise from being too quiet, inactive, weak, or slow, and the Root of Life will stabilize your balance so you can move. Physically, the tonic treats symptoms such as sexual apathy and fatigue, weak or sore back and knees, and any condition involving immobile fluids in the body. 
When fear overcomes the daily activities of life, the Root of Life formula is the ideal choice. Fear can come in many forms: a paralysis of movement, confusion, indecision, or a difficulty to know or express wants or desires. Psychic tiredness or laziness are also presentations of fear. If you suffer from a weak will, this tonic restores the right balance you need to assert yourself and claim your beliefs.
The Wanderer tonic is the ideal remedy for people with an intense capacity for benevolence, virtuousness and love of life, but who are stalemated on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level. According to Chinese medicine, one’s energy is affected when the Qi and blood aren’t flowing smoothly, as indicated when a person gets stuck on a minor detail or misses the whole picture. 
The Wanderer is used to calm down an overly rigid energy, as often seen in people who are natural born leaders. By moving towards a gentle, smooth and soothing activity,  the tonic will unleash the smooth flow of energy in one’s life.
Physically, the tonic can help those suffering from headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and gynecological issues, as well as digestive problems. On a psychological level, it helps decrease feelings of separation from one’s environment, as well as enhances one’s ability to see clear pathways through tough situations. It is a crucial remedy for edginess, agitation, and anxiety as well as anger, negativity and belligerence. 
Spiritually, the Tonic can break through obstacles that keep people from recognizing the oneness that connects Heaven and Earth and all creation. Relaxed Wanderer enables people to recognize and find peace with the harmonious cooperation of the elements - a necessary revelation for a peaceful and balanced life.
Gracious Power
Gracious Power is Protea’s version of a famous Chinese formula designed to help people who excel at the Liver’s assertive dimension, but have difficulty in accessing its deeper soft interior. This tonic helps people who easily push outward learn how to let down their guard and allow for an inward receptivity.
Physically, Gracious Power treats conditions that affect Liver qi blockage, such as chronic cough, menstrual problems, hypertension, hernia disorders, and cirrhosis. Psychologically, it is designed for people who have difficulty feeling relaxed or rested, and who are often irritated. For those who are driven to succeed but cannot easily go with the flow of life, Gracious Power can strengthen these qualities while balancing them out with soft qualities of receptiveness and flexibility. 
Gracious Power gives assertiveness the space to take a break, and quiet the voices of self-criticism, discontent, workaholism, or poor self-esteem. Additionally, it can turn feeling of uneasiness and restlessness into softer feelings of appreciation, self-contentment, satisfaction, and relaxation.
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition of prolonged and severe tiredness or weariness (fatigue) that is not relieved by rest and is not directly caused by other conditions. To be diagnosed with this condition, your tiredness must be severe enough to decrease your ability to participate in ordinary activities by 50 percent.

Symptoms of fatigue can be accompanied by sore throat, low-grade fever, swollen lymph nodes, headache, muscle and joint pain, digestive discomfort, emotional distress, depression, insomnia, and loss of concentration. Chronic fatigue can be caused by chronic physical and/or psychological conditions. The frequency of individuals suffering from CFS is thought to be about 11.5 percent of the population.

At Protea we investigate all possible causes. Research shows strong connections between CFS and infectious diseases such as Epstein-Barr virus. Other possible infectious causes include: human herpes virus-6, Inoue–Melnich virus, brucella, borrelia burgdorferi, Giardia lamblia, cytomegalovirus, entero virus, retro virus and many others.

We also know that reduced immune function plays an important role in CFS. Low natural killer cell (NK)activity has been documented. NK cells play an important role in viral immunity. Lowered NK cell activity allows viruses to inhabit the human body for long periods. This type of chronic infection inhibits healthy cell function. Other signs of reduced immune function that may indicate chronic infection includes: reduced lymphocyte response, interferon abnormalities, increased cytokine levels in serum, T-cell ratio abnormalities, multiple chemical sensitivities.

Some non-immune based causes of CFS include:
- Undiagnosed hypothyroidism
- Depression
- Diabetes
- Heart disease
- Food allergies or sensitivities
- Oral birth control pills
- Chronic stress
- Anemia
And more.

Our approach includes a detailed history of your case, all past and current lab work, and research. While we are dedicated to using the most natural means to restore you to health, we will do everything in our scope of practice to bring about resolution of your symptoms.
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Does hCG Cause Cancer?

The answer to this question is No.

The rest of this post is full of research and citations. If you are like me and enjoy the pithy stuff of science, read on.....

I am frequently asked if hCG causes cancer. This is an important and valid question. For hCG as it relates to cancer, studies show that hCG kills breast cancer cells. Link Here.  This was seen in not only one but five different human breast cancer cell lines.

Further research shows that women who have used hCG for weight loss had reduced risks for breast cancer. Link Here. Those women in the study not exposed to hCG had increased risks for breast cancer. It is known that women who have never been pregnant are at a greater risk for breast cancer. 

It has been theorized by cancer reaserchers that hCG prevents the development of breast cancer. The American Association of Cancer Research has shown research that the hCG receptor on breast tissue reduces carcinogenesis Link Here

The National Cancer Institute has begun a study Link Here to investigate actually using hCG for treating breast cancer, as well as preventing it. The fact this study is taking place on humans shows the safety of hCG exposure to women with breast cancer, and also those who have elevated breast cancer risks.

hCG does not positively impact breast cancer alone. For Prostate Cancer, hCG has been shown to increase tumor cell death, when combined with radiation and lovastatin Link Here .

hCG has been shown to inhibit Kaposi sarcoma associated angiogenesis and tumor growth. It has also been shown to reduce transmission of HIV. Link Here.

As to ovarian cancer, in the International Journal of Cancer, hCG has been shown to inhibit cisplatin induced apoptosis. Link Here The article goes on to detail how hCG does not cause Ovarian Cancer. If you are taking Cisplatin,  hCG is not a viable option.

Colorectal Cancer has an important relationship with hCG. hCG does not cause colorectal cancer. In lab tests Colorectal cancer can occasionally secrete hCG. This is due to the nature of cancer. Simply, cancer occurs when cells differentiate to be something they are not. In the case of hCG secreting colorectal cancer, they begin to act as gonadotropin producing cells.

While hCG does not cause colorectal cancer, It is not advisable to take hCG if you have colorectal cancer. Research shows when administering hCG at high doses to Colorectal cancer cells, there is an increased risk of cancer proliferation.

In truth it is not advisable to take hCG if you have any cancer that secretes hCG. This includes certain cases of adenocarcinoma from Barrett's esophagitis, Lung cancer, testicular cancer etc. If you have an active case of any cancer that secretes hCG, you should not take hCG. 

I hope that the above has successfully shed some light on the issue of hCG and its correlation to cancer.  

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where is Dr. McCarthy?

Dr. McCarthy Sets up a Shot Clinic every Saturday from 11-3 at a local Sprouts Farmers Market. Here is the May and June Schedule:

Saturday, May 22
11am-3pm ∙ Dobson & Ray Google Map

Saturday, May 29
11am-3pm ∙ 28th Street & Indian School Google Map

Saturday, June 12
11am-3pm •Alma School & Queen Creek  
Google Map

Sunday, June  13
11am-3pm • Dobson & Ray 
Google Map

Saturday, June 26
11am-3pm • 28th Street & Indian School Google Map

All Nutritional Shots are from $10 - $35. 
Check our Facebook Page for updates and discounts!

Our Menu:

Specials of the House

Glutathione (3cc) $25
The most powerful antioxidant available.

SlimShot (2cc) $20
The weight loss phenomenon! Containing Lipotropic compounds which catalyze the breakdown of fat during metabolism. 
SlimShot(E) (3cc) $35
Our SlimShot just gets better! We add L-Carnitine to the SlimShot for (E)nhancing weight loss.
DetoxSho(3cc) $25
The liver relies on Methylation to do its job, while B-12, MIC* and folic acid play an essential role in clearing toxins.
FemShot(3cc) $30
This shot marries B-6, MIC* and B12 to enhance the healthy metabolism of estrogen in a woman’s body.
HappyShot (3cc) $25
Research proves the value of high dose folate in the treatment of depression.
B-Strong (3cc) $30
For the ultimate boost! B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6 and B-12.

B12   As cyancocobalmin (1cc) $10
B12  As Methylcobalmin (1cc) $20
Engystol  A homeopathic formula for immune stimulation (1.5cc) $20
Spascupreel  A homeopathic formula for joint and back pain (1.5cc) $20
Ubichinon  A homeopathic formula to enhance metabolism (2cc) $20
Folic Acid  (1cc) $20
B-Complex  (B-1, B-2, B-3 , B-5, B-6 in 1cc) $10

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Glutathione Is The Most Important Thing In Life!

Glutathione is the most important thing your body makes.

Glutathione has many functions:
  • It is the major antioxidant produced by the cells, it clears free radicals and prevents oxidative damage When you take antioxidants like vitamins C and E you are taking them to increase Glutathione.

  • Glutathione detoxifies carcinogens, and toxins like  both organic and inorganic.

  • It is essential for the immune system to do its job. It manages the immune system's response to a problem, ensuring you do not over-react to the problem (inflammation/allergy) or under react to a problem (cancer) 
We use Glutathione when treating cancer, allergy, alzheimer's, autism, autoimmune diseases, and many others. We also use Glutathione to prevent disease, we inject it regularly to promote wellness. In athletes it reduces recovery time and enhances performance and stamina. A recent study in the Townsend Letter showed Glutathione enhanced cycling performance by 7% in one month. Link here for the study

Are you low in Glutathione? A simple $50 test will let us know, a $25 painless injection will increase it and enhance your wellness in a very real way.

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